Monday, December 31, 2007

BBG is owned and operated by Kevin and Darcy Horn, originally started in 1992 as a comic book computer coloring studio. That was the vogue back then, everyone was a company, now I just use my name. At our height we were coloring 3 comics per month with 4 freelancers, which included my partner Rod Perez. Our first book was Vampirella by Harris Comics and we colored all three of their Vampi publications for 3 years. We also did a number of books for Jim Valentino and Shadowline. Darcy helps me out by laying in the flat colors, for the first few years we also had her son, Bennet Hisel working for us doing flat colors, but now he's a big art director and production manager and doesn't have time.

A few years ago I hooked up with Michael T. Gilbert of Mr. Monster fame and have been doing his coloring ever since. This has lead to a number of fun projects, some of which can be seen at my site, including an 8 page Dr. Strange story for Marvel Comics.

GRAPHITTI DESIGNS (yes, that IS spelled correctly)
I first met Bob Chapman of Graphitti Designs at the San Diego Comicon back in '91 or '92. We were the perfect match - he did comic book T-shirts and I was a very experienced T-shirt artist and separator who was also a long time comic fan, also one of the first artists in silkscreening to use the computer. I've separated all his T-shirts to this day. Bob also does books, posters, statues and toys for the comic industry as well as for Kevin Smith at View Askew Productions. I've helped out quite a bit on almost all of his projects. I colored a number of covers for his books and some signature pages, which can be seen on my Comic Coloring Site. Bob is the guy responsible for my comic coloring career as he introduced me to Meloney Crawford Chadwick, the editor of Harris comics at that time which launched me into coloring Vampirella.

I've worked with all the big names in the business, Neal Adams, John Byrne, Jack Kirby, Sergio Argones, Mike Mignola, Alex Ross, etc. But since it was done through Graphitti none of them know who I am. I'm the most famous unknown in the biz.

It was Bob who hooked me up with Michael T. Gilbert to color some pieces for a M
r. Monster book they were doing. Michael liked my work so much we've been working together about 8 years.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of your cats and grandkids!

Happy Thanksgiving, Kev! Miss you lots.

Wanda Duck aka Village Green

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Darcy:

Nice to see your page and your "family" of cats and grandchildren. Grandkids are beautiful. So are the cats.

Hopefully we can keep in touch this time. Take some time to read Al's story on line. I think he gave you the place. He'd only written two short stories when they published him! I'm so proud of him.

Our granddaughters are now 16, 15, and 12. We are adopting our foster daughter of 12. So, we will have a son, aged 36 and a daughter aged 12! Some spread, huh?

Like your website. We aren't that sophisticated. We don't even use cell phones. We just read a lot (love mysteries) and write some and fellowship with friends. (And now go to school for progress reports again.)

Keep in contact.